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Sophia Marotta 

Master Psychic & Evidential Medium

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Sophia is one of the most highly regarded international Master Psychic and Evidential Medium.


Whether it is dealing with the grief of losing a loved one, or guidance with life situations, her life passion is to help people. Throughout the years she has given readings all over the world, both in person and via the phone. There are many reasons why people seek her advice. Issues related to love, career, relationships, money, and family are commonly covered.  Sophia answers with accuracy, compassion, and truth in a warm and non-judgmental manner.


As an evidential medium she connects with those who have crossed over.  She calls on spirits for validations and beautiful messages which heal by bringing a sense of peace to her clients.


"If you have any reservation about contacting a medium, please know that Sophia is the "real deal". After an hour reading, this wonderful woman gave me such comfort and released me from more than 50 years of unresolved sadness and guilt. ...."  Read more.

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Customer Notice: Please note Sophia Marotta, LLC will NEVER ask you to send money to any P.O. Box. Sophia only accepts payments through her office (917.848.4990) and via secure PayPal Please note that any attempt to solicit money by any other means is fradulent. 

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