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Sophia was amazing in her accuracy and insight about my situation and my family. She told me things about my ancestors which she couldn't have known because I didn't even know myself. She gave me a real sense of peace about some decisions I need to make and a sense of closure I haven't been able to achieve since a marriage breakdown. I will definitely be calling her again. | Marie



To Sophia, you a true light to this world. I had an amazing reading with you as you were able to contact my mother, who I dearly miss in my life and brought hope in knowing she is around me all the time. What was truly amazing was the accuracy on what was coming through, my mother was a seamstress from Italy and made her living through her passion and the ironic thing was, as you informed me, your grandmother had the same background as my mother, wow!!! It all came together on how great your gift is, thank you for allowing me to have the experience of knowing my mother’s love is still always there even though she has passed. I felt so blessed to have spoken to you and I highly recommend Sophia to anyone, you will not be disappointed!!!! Love and light to you Sophia, what an amazing woman you are!! xxxx | Laura



Loved the reading by Sophia. A genuine psychic and medium. Without prompting brought forward mum and my dog who have passed. Gave validations that only I would know. Thoroughly recommend. | John



Sophia is wonderful. So tuned in and understanding, listens to you and I came away feeling so much better. She's like a 2nd mom! Money well spent. | Cathy



Sophia what a beautiful soul you are. Just a God send of an Angel. I have so much love for you. Thank you for always being there for me and taking the time and listening to me. 7+ years and still as amazing as ever. The connection just starts as soon as I say hello. You soothe and help me heal immediately, you understand me, you give me the best advice with my readings. I feel at home. Love and light to you my angel. Thank you for always being there for me. I appreciate you giving constant guidance in the right direction. You are a one in a million. My only wish is to meet you face to face one day. God bless you beautiful lady. xx | Annette


I had a reading with Sophia weeks ago and she was absolutely amazing. All she asked for was my name, nothing else. She got straight to the heart of my concerns and supported everything she said with actual events and situations. She was also spot on with my age, my husband's name and age, and how long we have been married. She even knew the names of passed family members and so much more. She works with no prompting, or leading questions, and delivers everything in such a compassionate and gentle manner. She really is the real deal. Thank you Sophia xx | Jackie



Sophia did a reading for me and i was totally amazed, she was so accurate and knew things that i didn'teven tell her about she helped me feel comforted and gave me closure to one particular situation that was bothering me she was really able to connect me with my love ones that had passed as well give me some insight about a person that i had lost contact with thank you so much for your help sophia. | Mindy



I had written off readings long ago. I decided to try one because of a question and had the most pleasant surprise in my reading from Sophia. At last, a real medium and my original intention was to gain insight into a personal issue. I was so thrilled to have contact from both of my grandmothers, my aunt, and two pets that have passed that there were no words to describe how happy I am that I called Sophia today. | Pat

Sophia is an amazing medium and psychic. The detailed information that she passed on to me about my grandmothers, aunt, and pets who are no longer here brought tears of joy to my eyes knowing. The messages from my family members who have passed and knowing they are with my parents brought so much comfort. The messages Sophia shared from two of my pets that passed comforted my soul as the first anniversary of my beloved cat's passing is days away. I highly recommend Sophia. She has a very compassionate delivery style and is an excellent, top notch medium, which is so hard to find. | Susan 


If you have any reservation about contacting a medium, please know that Sophia is the "real deal". After an hour reading, this wonderful woman gave me such comfort and released me from more than 50 years of unresolved sadness and guilt. People like her really are God sent and have earned their place in heaven. I feel like I have a new best friend | JH

I have always been skeptical, and didn't believe in readings...Until I met Sophia. We started to talk without even knowing what she does and suddenly she is telling me all those things about different relatives, without me even questioning. It was an incredible experience and to be totally honest I have cried like a baby. Not only that she didn't asked me any questions, but she had told me things nobody would have any way of knowing. Thank you again Sophia. Now I believe..   | Luliana



I had an AMAZING experience with Sophia. She spoke of my family members as if she had personally known them. Sophia is caring and gentle, honest in her findings and yet astonishingly accurate. She helped to restore much peace in my heart after 27 years of dealing with the heartache I have carried. I would highly recommend Sophia to anyone , I promise you will be amazed and will come to love her as I do...Thank you Sophia, My Forever Friend...Hugs.. | Gloria



Dear Sophia , Thank you so much . You astounded me. I am no novice when it comes to readings and I can assure you that she is the real deal. Sophia never asked me a question, she TOLD ME!  She knew what I wanted to know about and honed in on the immediate circumstances. She picked up on initials, names, children, gender, and even described physical features of the person in question. Aside from her astounding accuracy, she is highly ethical, delivers the messages with compassion and humor.  God bless. Talk soon.  | J A

To Sophia, I want to thank you for the reading you had given me yesterday. I can't tell you how healing it was for me to hear from my mom . As you may remember she had just recently passed. How do I know that it was her coming through? Cause you mentioned that the church bells across the street rang the hour she passed. No one knew that, no one. You validated this, I then knew without a doubt that it was my mom .Also, the L initial is my mom's name. Another validation was the night of my mom's burial every one was sleeping . I was doing dishes and I felt a poke in my shoulder. I turned around twice thinking it was a family member,but  no one was there. I wanted to believe that it was mom , letting me know that she was OK, but couldn't dare believe. You validated that it was her! What a amazing gift you have. You helped me so much. oxoxoxo | Kathrine 

Sophia is by far the best intuitive that I have ever had a reading from. Empathetic, accurate, professional, spiritual. Thank you so much for a amazing reading. Your insightfulness has given me clarity , perspective, and peace of mind. | Marla 


Dearest Sophia, Love and light to you and your family and friends. It is a honor to have you do my reading. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift!  Kindest regards and many, many blessings. | Lisa 


Dear AMAZING SOPHIA, Do you know how great you are ? You blew me away with the information that you told me. When my nana came through you had me laughing , crying , laughing , crying.  You gave me specific details that only my family knew. I finally feel at peace with my nana's passing and for that I will be forever grateful. You are the best mediums that I have ever come across in my life. you are truly a gift to mankind.  Just Amazing!!!!!!XOXOXOXOX | Dana 

I just want to say that Sophia gave me a reading yesterday and I couldn't believe how connected and accurate you are. I sat there with my mouth opened. You are a link between this world and the next.You are a gift to mankind, a messenger who gives hope and peace. Many, many thanks. | John 

Sophia I have to say that you made my husband a believer! He WAS a die-hard skeptic, but not any more!!! Having you on speaker he kept asking me, "How does she know that?" You connected to both his grandfathers , both his grandmothers, and his biological father. Giving him names,events, how they made their livings, even their  personalities. You where so accurate a week later he is still in disbelief . I am so very grateful. God bless you.  | J & M 

I would like to thank Sophia for the amazing reading. She is so very understanding , kind, compassionate. Lovely lady.  The things that she picked up on where incredible! When she told me that my dear papa was coming through, I half hearted believed her. Hehad passed from a accident when I was a young girl, many years ago.   I nearly fell off my chair when she told me that he sees the picture I have of him and me , on a tractor, on my night stand!!!!  She is real !!!  | Susan M.

Dearest Sophia ,I contact you for a reading in regards to a work situation that I have been stressing over. Not only did you validate what I know to be the truth, but to my surprise you, connected me with a very dear friend that had pass 12 years ago. I can't tell you how happy I was to receive his messages, which I passed on to his wife. He wanted her to know that it was alright to move on with her life. And that he was watching over his daughters. Something ,that when I called, she told me that she had been worrying about . I can't tell you what peace you gave her . | Nancy



I would recommend Sophia to anyone. Not only is she so tuned in, accurate, and honest , but she so lovely to talk to. I have to say I'm not one to get readings often, and I was a bit nervous, but she make me feel so comfortable. As the reading went on she astounded me with such accurate details about a relationship that I'm in. Names, his appearance , the work that he does, the time we are together, and the challenges that we face. So spot on !!!! Sophia you are a angel !! I can't that you enough !!!| | Jo



Absolutely amazing !!! Many questions answered !!! This woman is eerily good. | Josh



Sophia had given me a reading and my father came through. You told me things that I had asked him let me know.. Things I needed to hear. Family issues around his passing and decisions that my sister and I had to make. I ask him to send me doves, you knew this . Me and my sister birthdays, you knew them came so close to the nick name that he loving called my mom. You also gave my the name of our dog that passed years ago, also that he was a Jack Russel. So happy to know that Chip is with dad. What a beautiful experience to talk to someone who really "gets" it. Thank you Sophia , I love you to pieces. | Mary



Sophia I want to thank you for a REAL reading. I am going through a very difficult period and I know that there are no miracles for me. Your honesty is refreshing and greatly appreciated. I felt much warmth and humanity from you . Thank you and God bless. | Julia



Throughout the years I have had quite a few readings with Sophia. She is honest, straight , warm, positive. If she needs to tell you something she does, she calls it , "Her New York". Having gone through a very painful breakup I never thought that I would love again as strongly as I had my X. Sophia was so right!!! She told me his birth sign, initial, his amazing eyes, and his energy. She was so spot on !!! I have met this amazing man and it is so good to love someone again . Sophia you are the best reader ever. Grazie, Grazie | Gabrielle



I want to thank you for guiding me and confirming for me what I needed to know. Sophia was very calm for me when I was going through a very turbulent time. A custody fight with my x. You hit the nail on he head. Now I know what I'm dealing with and what lies ahead. Thank you for bring through my beloved grandmother through.Knowing that she is beside me gives me such strength . Sophia described her to a tee, her size, personalty, her bear hugs, even the pattern on her mother china . Sophia cuts right thru to the heart of the matter and works tirelessly to read the truth. I will always come back to Sophia for readings because I believe that she truly has a gift and she only has our best interests at heart. Thank you for your love and care. | M



Sophia you are such a blessing. Having lost my beautiful son , in a horrible accident a few years ago, you bring me such peace. I believe you when you tell me that he is around our family. You have given me so many confirmations. How Michael tells you to tell me that I'm taking good care of his dogs. How I got a angel tattoo for him. How he leaves feathers all around. You also bring forward his grandparents. So comforting to know that they are all together. Few are attuned as you to spirit . My experiences with Sophia have been nothing short of remarkable. Take notes so you can read again in the dark hours. For those of you who want to experience something that is difficult to put into words , have a reading with Sophia. You will be talking to one who has walked with the angels. Bless you , Sophia | Elizabeth



My experience with Sophia are nothing short of remarkable. She spoke accurately and positively of someone who crossed over, giving me loving advice. Toward the end of my reading all of a sudden she asked me if I had a big black dog? Before I could answer, she said, "Sadly he passed of cancer." So true ..your perception and understanding of Sophia's words will continue to grow even after your reading .. | Lee 



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